Various Seasons YGO Settei - Height Comaprasons

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Height Comparason 5
Source: TV
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Added 6/9/2004
Updated 3/9/2005
ok, for all you "toonshipping" fans (pegasusxseto) let me just set some thing straight...Pegasus is 6'2'' 5 something...Pegasus is 1 or 2 feet taller than him...I just wanted to point that out because many people state Seto is taller than Pegasus in there fics. ooh, random ness..take away Yuugi's hair...and..he’s shorter than Mokuba...eee...looks like someone didn’t eat his veggies... ^^; (( Yea, Stupid joke... Or as Pegasus would say, 'Joke! eet's a joke!' *is shot* ))

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